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I'm always doing more than one thing at the same time.


It's actually quite nice to have this list to see what it is I'm (sortof) working on :-)


Things I thought I was working on but haven't made real progress recently.

Concrete plans

Things already on my horizon and they have had some thinking but not really more than that.


A way to organize my brain, just dump things here and wait till they are ready to become a concrete plan.

  • atmel, for reference only.
  • pic, maybe to have some choice?
  • Low power terminal with battery powererd reverse Access point to connect to internet.
  • ADB to USB converter for Wacom tablet.
  • Mailable circuit with blinking led, mail it everywhere to see wheater or not it arrives.
  • Post mail addressed with little information to see if it arrives.
  • Create video of fire burning in engine of a car.
  • Alarm clock with auto-shutoff sound, then 9 minutes later the 'real' alarm starts.
  • TLS enabled SMTP server with accounts for 1 euro a month or value based.
  • CD for cooking or other timing, track 1 is one minute, track 2 is two minutes, 3 is three minutes etc.
  • Welcome to Groningen innovation map and timetable. Get you innovation going in Groningen in 3 hours.
  • Reinventing apprenticeship in different forms as an alternative to formal education for people
  • Crowdsourcing a calendar when and where you can use free Wifi in a city. (Groningen)
  • Build my own spectrum 2,4GHz analyser: Hackaday article
  • Build all the movements out of 507 mechanical movements utilizing 21st century tech, lasercutters, 3d printers etc.
  • Mobile inspiration wall for mobile workers. Don't know yet how that would work, physical or digital?
  • Microscope based drill press, already have a motor and drill holder.
  • Aquaponics, Grow food fast & nice.
  • Solder up some LED's in copper tubes. The copper is earth and only one wire connects each LED/resistor combo. Use thin laquered wire, should look funky enough.



Done but not current anymore, still sortof proud of.

  • Aux-in, add an aux-in to a car radio that doesn't have one.
  • Bike, my bike is sortofdone for now, it changes gear, it has lights, it brakes ok. (and it was stolen)
  • Nslu2, bought 500GB drive.
  • Sweex WiFi, add a Sweex WiFi card to my old notebook
  • Apple eMate, usable and it communicates. It's for sale if anyone is interested.


Things I worked on but decided not to finish.

  • MSN Webtv 2, threw them out.
  • Mythtv, don't own a TV anymore.
  • Gallery (Things gallery should do differently)
  • Mobiel eisen If I replace my mobile phone, what should the new one do to make it an improvement
  • embedded usb bluetooth, I have no laptop this would work in.
  • coldheat, order a coldheat soldering tool from the Netherlands. Done, it's a crappy soldering iron, has been replaced by a nice Weller.
  • Putty, putty configuration using pageant and keys, don't use Windows anymore, so no more Putty.

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