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Combine an Arduino with an Ethernet Shield and my 1wire stuff from the fridge to make online temperature logging possible.

Pictures and current status

The base module is internet connected and logs it's data tothis simple page. All is still buggy and flaky as can be but it works! The Node has solar power and transmits the temperature from it's temp sensor to the base wirelessly using VirtualWire RF433.

Base module

Built the base module with 1 arduino Uno, 1 Ethernet Shield and 1 LCD display. It has 2 temperature sensors (KTY and 1Wire) and 1 light sensor. There is a Mic connected for sound level recording but it's not yet read by software. Data is received with an rf433 receiver connected to pin2 (hardware interrupt). (The yellow wire is the antenna)
Quantified home

Node (wireless)

The node is 1 Arduino Pro 328 and 1 Seeed Solar charger shield. 1 1Wire temperature sensor for now. It has 2 solar panels connected, one using USB and one direct. So far it runs 24/7 on the full battery and only solar charge. Data is sent using a rf433 transmitter.
Node overview Node board

Plan 1 (done)

  1. Buy required parts
    • Arduino & Ethernet Shield are ordered at floris.cc
  2. Make blinkylight on Arduino (hello world) (Made combo of pot-meter and led blinky, addictive!)
  3. Read up on Ethernet Library for Arduino
  4. Give Ethernetshield link, plug and play.
  5. Do Hello World with Ethernetshield (didn't do this, http was easier)
  6. Get the HTTP client on the Arduino. Simply adding the example from Arduino interface was all. Added gateway and netmask and also online!
  7. Connect the 1wire stuff to Arduino.
  8. It works!

Other stuff


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