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My old laptop,

Dell Latitude 600MHz, 256MB Ram, 20GB HDD, 800×600 display.


Freevo box to be, get wifi and tv-out running and enjoy!

Stuff an ubuntu box should have:
apt-get install joe openssh-server synergy

nfs-common (for showmount)
w32codecs, for more formats

## PLF REPOSITORY (Unsupported. May contain illegal packages. Use at own risk.)
deb feisty free
deb feisty non-free

# Voor freevo
deb feisty universe multiverse
deb-src feisty universe multiverse

Used ubuntu packages for Freevo, then chown -R $user ~/.freevo
Then 'freevo setup'

The Wifi on this machine is a sweex wifi card, quite hard to get running.

Using atitvout I got tvout running, yay!


It's running Kubuntu now and works quite nicely. I use it as a general Linux box to try stuff out.

I'll Try Mythtv on this box when I get around to it.

I've got synergy running on it, works like a charm! Installed it on my XP laptop and on this machine, they usually are next to each other on my desk so now I don't have to lean over to type on this machine, just move my mouse over, very nice!

Restore plan


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