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I've got a Sweex LW141 140 Mbps Nitro XM 11g+ pc-card and want to have it running on my secundary laptop running Kubuntu.

Using the Javelin ISL3886 chipset… It doesn't really work under Linux, i'm using the Ndiswrapper and all and not happy with how things look.

Ok, that was too depressed… Despite the fact that ndiswrapper is a kinda dirty solution (I know, I should have bought a card with decent chipset) things are working now…

I shouldn't have been so singleminded, using Ubuntu documentation provided enough information to get stuff running. I made the common error that resulted in “Another driver loads and binds to the device”.

/etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.wifi with some islsm stuff helped with Kubuntu 6.06lts.

Followed instructions and used this driver worked like a charm!


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