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Ok, saw an ad on marktplaats and couldn't resist… So now I've got a Slug as well… Stil toying with it.


  1. Unslug it
    • Done, it's installed using only the iPod, uploaded some data, seems to work ok.
  2. Install using iPod and 80GB disk I have laying around.
    • I want the 80GB disk under my control partition-wise so I'm going to have to figure out how to do this.
      • Probably editing the smb.conf won't help because it will be overwritten, I have to test that.
      • The Diversion scripts should help with this.
      • Works! I now have 2 shares, one 19GB which will be mirrored nightly (still a plan) and one 59GB single filesystem.
    • Next step, add the nightly mirror script.
      • Created a beta of this script, simply mount the extra disk, cp -a all files and unmount it.
    • Whoops, the shares are read-only at the moment, after removing the guest account Samba requires login (good) but refuses write access, even to admin users (bad).
      • Fixing a typo in the smb.conf helped :)
  3. Added: Backup other systems to the machine.
    • Since the thing was laying around anyhow I installed rsync client and now backup my homedir on my internet server. Plus the backup directory of that machine so the config and stuff like that is redundantly stored as well.
    • This tutorial could make it more fancy tho.
  4. If all works buy a (silent) 320GB disk and reinstall.
    • Bought a 500GB Lacie external USB drive.
      • Formatted it
      • Now trying to find out a way to make it spin-down through USB.
        • sg_start doesn't seem to work
  5. Profit!

Note to self: the iPod is in the disk2 connector and the 'target' for the unslung os.

The disk partitioning scheme:

Partition Size Description
/dev/sda1 18 GB / and /share/flash/data
/dev/sda2 128 MB /share/flash/conf
/dev/sda3 128 MB Swap
/dev/sdb1 458 GB With nightly rsync of /dev/sda1 and /dev/sda2


  1. sshfs for communication over the internet and adding remote data to this machine…
  2. Copy images from digicam automatically when connected.
  3. Torrent downloading service, share/webdav folder initiated.

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