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Om bij te houden wat ze zelf doen en de voortgang daarvan.

Eindelijk! 2.2.1 is uit met autorotate, webdav *en* dynamische albums… Yaj!

Tools: Perceptual Image Diff of icmp.

Commands I use in my original scripts:
djpeg img_8692.jpg|/usr/bin/pnmscale -xsize 800 | /usr/bin/cjpeg > osmall_img_8692.jpg
djpeg osmall_img_8692.jpg|/usr/bin/pnmscale -xsize 150 | /usr/bin/cjpeg > othumb_img_8692.jpg

In my old scripts I used the Imagemagick modules for Perl.

The new plan works, currently running on 4000 images to test how robust it is. Now find a tool to add the degrees to the EXIF info of the original jpegs. And for this I have a proof of concept script on the shelf, testing will be another day.

Ok, Trying to use exiftool. One issue that bugs me is that the jpegs shrink because of using exiftool… Kind of distressing.
Information on this subject (writing Exif) worth reading.



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