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I bought an Apple eMate off of marktplaats, now what?

Site with tools and stuff for Newtons. Terminal software to use as a serial console.


  1. Get serial running (done)
    • pinout for Mini DIN-8 connector. (done, cable is functional)
  2. Let it talk IrDA to my laptop and optionally phone/iPaq
    • Need to install some software first.
      • Then I can use IrDA to install software.
    • Sync using IrDA
  3. Install wifi (through pcmcia or a regular pcmcia networkcard and an external wifi adaptor)

Internal or external networking?

When using an external adaptor perhaps that device can run SSH so i can not only telnet but also ssh :)

Internal pcmcia benefits:

  • one device
  • power draw

External network benefits:

  • Perhaps SSH (depending on device)
  • Perhaps WPA (depending on device)
  • More standard software on eMate.
  • Options: Digi or Gumstix

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