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Handy annotated overview of AVR devices at AVR Freaks.

Local electronics store: Okaphone.

Error and fix in AVR Studio on AVR Freaks forums.

Perhaps a little lame avrlib but it helps quite a bit :)


Help on using ports on WinAVR AVR tutorial

Other (more interesting?) page with tutorials.

Tree memory locations for each port:

  • PORTx Data register (input 1: pullup, input 0: no pullup→tri-state, output 1: high, output 0: low)
  • DDRx Data direction register (1: output, 0: input)
  • PINx Port input pins

BIT manipulation in C

  • ~ means invert int → ~_bv(5) means 11101111 not 00010000
  • &= means bitwise AND
  • |= means bitwise OR
  • ^= means bitwise XOR

Soft USB & Soft UART

  • SPI as half-duplex uart is mentioned in application notes AVR304, AVR305, AVR307
  • USB Without USB chip: USB LED control project
  • Soft uart without rx interrupt: Gandalf


I currently use this.

Helps: ASCII table.

Attiny13 specific


  • Handy command for debugging: avr-objdump -d $filename.elf > $filename.asm


All soft uart implementations use interrupts in one way or the other (timer and/or external). To understand them I'd like to test some more.



Next try, inspired by

Programmer description plus how to build, they use this software.

*SUCCES* :-)

Failure :(

I'm having problems with both of the above :(

AVR development on Windows

Helpful guide to installing eclipse with AVR support.

AVR development on Kubuntu:

yuy, Ubuntu has packages for all required parts :)

  • avrdude
  • avrdude-doc
  • binutils-avr
  • uisp
  • make
  • avr-libc
  • gcc-avr


For quick reference
Pinout Atmega8

Pinout Attiny13


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